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Specialist & Prime Mortgage Finance

We specialise in Residential & Commercial property finance for individuals & companies who don't fit the Banks' usual lending criteria. If you’ve been turned down for a loan or mortgage from standard banking institutions then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need to borrow to pay off other debts, buy a home, or you’re just looking to fund a purchase for your business you need the expertise of a specialist lender who knows how and where to find the financing you need quickly and effectively.

We Offer Non-Bank Lending Options

Do you keep getting rejected by the banks? The bank is not your only financing option. Even if you have bad credit, are self employed, have your current mortgage in arrears, tax debts, a poor credit history, or too many financial commitments we are here to help you. Finding the right financing options can be challenging and that’s why you can rely on the experts at Australian Mortgage Research to find you the right solutions for your unique needs. What you need is someone on the inside who knows where the proper resources are and who has the most flexible lending options.

Residential Mortgage Financing Loans

Why wait for years to purchase that new home? When you and your family are ready for your first home or even to upgrade to a larger home we can help you find the financing. For many banks, if your credit is not spot-on, then getting a loan from a bank is near impossible. If you have credit issues or too many financial commitments we can help you work around those issues and help you begin the credit repair process to get your credit and commitments in proper presentation order. If you are self employed that in of itself can be a problem to document your income properly to help you qualify for a loan. This is when alternative forms of financing may be your answer.

We at Australian Mortgage Research have access to a variety of lenders that offer financing for good people just like you with credit or income issues. If you are self-employed and have problems documenting your income for a home loan, we are specialists in finding the right financing for people like you all while saving you time and money. Even if you have bad credit or even faced bankruptcy we can help you find the right loan package for you.

Commercial Mortgage Financing Loans

Are you a business owner in need of financing? Do the terms cash-flow and balloon repayment send a chill up your spine? Whether you want to borrow funds to expand your business or just to leverage some equity for a special commercial project, you will soon find out the commercial loan process is different from the more common home mortgage process. Standard banks will scrutinize your total business operations and may even demand much of your current business holdings as collateral. If you have debt issues or credit history problems you need someone on your side who knows how to maneuver through the system and help you get the financing you need to grow your business. Just because you are business owner who may have had credit issues in the past, we can help you get past the “risky” label that standard lending institutions will place upon you.

Whether it’s a primary loan you need or special refinancing to manage your current business debt let us help you get a new start for your business and work with you to help you realize the dreams you have for growing your business. Non-bank lenders can offer less stringent credit requirements for commercial type business loans and often without requiring early balloon repayment plans. At Australian Mortgage Research we want to help you find the financing for your business needs and also show you how you can leverage the assets you may already have to qualify with the variety of flexible non-conforming lenders we have access to.

Get Started Today

We’ll make it easy for you to get started with your new financing options. Just fill out our contact form or click to call us at 1300 72 86 96 and we will set up your first consultation with one of our experienced lending specialist brokers.